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CLIENT: UnitedHealthcare

PROJECT: Medicare Made Clear Chatbot

OBJECTIVE: Launch a chatbot on

DURATION: 6 Months

ROLE: UX Architect, Visual Designer

TOOLS: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Illustrator

The Ask:

In June 2019, our team was presented the challenge to stand-up and develop an MVP Chatbot for in time for the 2019 Initial Enrollment period starting in December.


Our project team met with the stakeholders from UHC and AARP in for a design workshop where we established user personas, and high-level user journeys. and to align on platform, technical requirements, personae, UX/UI, customer journey, decision tree, and copy.

DW Priorities
DW User Journey


After aligning with stakeholders on primary user personas and journeys, in collaboration with the lead BA, we quickly produced a detailed decision tree and representative user journey based on one of the flows from the decision tree.



Initial wireframes in both desktop and mobile views outlined the user flow and interactions based the approved user journey artifact. At this point the links to the prototype were turned over to the client for their UAT testing. 



We were also tasked with creating the branding and tone for the chatbot. Leveraging the aesthetics from the current Medicare Made Clear branding on both the website and video content, we delivered a range of creative solutions in two rounds. Below are the two generations of visual designs I presented. 

Chatbot Branding V1
Chatbot Branding V2


After UAT approvals, with minor tweaks we went to high fidelity prototypes in desktop and mobile views, providing flows on several decision trees adding additional bot functionality and escalation trees to guide the user to assistance if the chatbot was unable to provide an adequate answer.



After successfully launching the MVP in time for Medicare's Initial Enrollment Period, we've continued to add features and functionality to the chatbot and have collected some key metrics on how the chatbot has improved to overall experience on

White Feather


Over 4,500 unique bot visitors explored key topics.

Gray Structure


Since adding the chatbot to, referrals to increased by 30%.


Users who engage with educational content are
2.5x more likely to purchase a plan.

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